Rescue A Pet Today

Many animals are left on the streets to their own luck, and most of the time they can't find a home

This is my cat Ringo, I adopted him from Santa Cruz Animal Shelter 4 months ago and so far we had an exellent time. Some of the things that he likes to do are:

Every single time I arrive home he does the following events in the same order:

  1. Runs towards the door when I open it
  2. Follows me to the bed and meows at the same time
  3. Follows me to the restroom and hits my leg with his paws with every step I take
  4. Once there he starts meowing louder
  5. At last he won't shut up unless you given him his wet food

You can find more information on how to rescue an animal here

If you have any questions feel more than welcome to send me an e-mail