This webpage will be dedicated to an interesting phenomenon

The phenomenon is known as "Over Contact Binary" or simply two stars kissing

Here is a pictoral representation of the largest Over Contact Binary yet found. Along with some interesting facts about it, juxtaposed with facts about our own Sun.

  1. Contains two stars.
  2. Is 57 times more massive than the sun(about 1.133787 times 1032 kilograms).
  3. Surface temperatures at 40,000 degrees Celcius(72,000 Fahrenheit).
  4. Will most likely end its life as two orbiting black holes.

  • One star.
  • Weighs about 1.989 times 1030 kg.
  • Surface temperatures of about 5,600 degrees Celcius(10,000 Fahrenheit).
  • Will end its life as a white-hot dwarf.

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