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Five Interesting Facts about Hydroponics

  1. Farmers claim that some of the aquaculture crops use 90% less water as compared to the same crops in traditional soil farming. As a result huge amount of water could be saved.
  2. One can plant 4 times the amount of crops in the same space as that of traditional soil farming. So one can get more amounts of crops in limited space itself.
  3. As these plants are grown in an inert medium without soil, they require perfectly balanced pH, nutrients solutions as well as highly oxygenated water that is being delivered directly into the roots.
  4. Some of the crops can grow twice as fast in aquaculture due to getting exactly the appropriate amount of nutrients, oxygen as well as water.
  5. Crops that are grown using aquaculture technique do not use a single trace of neither herbicide nor pesticide chemicals and so it significantly creates impact on environment as well as on our bodies.

There is a cool new techniques called bioponics, which combines hydroponics techniques with aquaponics and uses fish effluent to provide nutrients. You can find more about bioponics here

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Revealing Top 5 Interesting Facts about Hydroponic Systems by EMERSONCORRA. January 30th, 2014.