Tennis Ball Repurposing

an illustrated guide


You have way too many tennis balls,
and you don't even play tennis.

If this is true for you,
read on to discover the scintillating secrets of tennis ball repurposing.

Signs you own too many tennis balls:

*Understand that an over-abundance of idle tennis balls in your life is a serious issue.
If you identify with the last point in the list above, you may soon develop the rare gastrointestinal disorder known as RAIT-B (Repeated Accidental Ingestion of Tennis Ball).
This is no joking matter.

Steps you can take to repurpose tennis balls:

  1. As depicted in Figure 1, dogs love tennis balls and will point their noses at them at every opportunity.
    Give some spare tennis balls to your dog or donate them to a local animal shelter.
  2. Take a total of ten tennis balls and create the Tennis Ball Mobile for a small child with insomnia. Instructions here.
  3. With your remaining tennis balls, fill a large, red velvet bag.
    Place this bag in the corner of your room, and pretend that Santa will be there soon to collect his belongings.

Figure 1: A Golden Retriever pointing its nose at a tennis ball.
This is a perfectly good use for a tennis ball.

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