Jamie Law-Smith

office: Nat Sci 2, 187


I am a PhD student in Astronomy & Astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz. I am working with Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz in high energy astrophysics theory, with a focus on understanding tidal disruptions of stars by massive black holes, and with Michael Dine on a project related to vacuum decay and de Sitter space in string theory.

I did my undergraduate at Harvard in Physics and Astrophysics. I did work in experimental particle physics on the Higgs to WW decay channel with Joao Guimaraes da Costa, and in cosmology on custering-mass/color relationships in SDSS galaxies with Daniel Eisenstein and David Schlegel. Before starting my PhD, I backpacked and taught at a school in India for nine months.


Full list available here on ADS, here on INSPIRE, or here on google scholar.
  1. Gallegos, M., Law-Smith, J., & Ramirez-Ruiz, E. (2018), “Tidal Disruptions of Main-sequence Stars of Varying Mass and Age: Inferences from the Composition of the Fallback Material,” ApJ, 857, 109 [1801.03497]
  2. Law-Smith, J., Ramirez-Ruiz, E., Ellison, S.E., & Foley, R.J. (2017), “Tidal Disruption Event Host Galaxies in the Context of the Local Galaxy Population,” ApJ, 850, 22 [1707.01559]
  3. Law-Smith, J., MacLeod, M., Guillochon, J., Macias, P., & Ramirez-Ruiz, E. (2017), “Low-mass White Dwarfs with Hydrogen Envelopes as a Missing Link in the Tidal Disruption Menu,” ApJ, 841, 132 [1701.08162]
  4. Law-Smith, J. & Eisenstein, D. (2017), “The Color and Stellar Mass Dependence of Small-scale Galaxy Clustering in SDSS-III BOSS,” ApJ, 836, 87 [1702.03933]


Here is the PDF.

Talks (selected)

Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 2018, "Tidal Disruptions of Stars by Massive Black Holes" (PDF)

Using Tidal Disruption Events to Study Super-Massive Black Holes, Aspen, CO, 2018, "Tidal Disruptions of Real Stars" (PDF)

TDE17: Piercing the sphere of influence, Cambridge, UK, 2017, "TDE Host Galaxies in the Context of the Local Galaxy Population" (PDF)

UC Santa Cruz FLASH Seminar, Santa Cruz, CA, 2017, "Tidal Disruptions: Fingerprints of Quiescent Massive Black Holes" (PDF)

Jerusalem Tidal Disruption Event Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015, "Helium-core Hydrogen-envelope WDs as a Missing Link in TDE Demographics" (PDF)