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This is my email link: jkinard@ucsc.edu

me and my family

I am a college freshman who is currently majoring in Marine Biology!
Although I know I want to stay in the Biology field I am unsure as to what kind of biology major I wish to pursue.
When you first meet me I'll be shy and not really sociable, but once you know me watch out!
So far I am enjoying college life though there are those days when I wish that it could all be over now.
I enjoy an array of things such as:
Video Games (League of Legends and ps3)

My college OAKESSS!!!

My college
Other images of my college

My faily routine in college

1.Wake up
2.Go to class
3.Get back to dorm and do homework
4.Play a couple of video games with friends
5.Go eat
6.Work out