I love animals!

I really like seals.

They are extremely talented...

Here are three interesting facts about seals:
  1. A seal's whiskers help it to detect prey in dark murky waters.
  2. There are around 33 species of seals.
  3. Seals live on average for 25 - 30 years, females usually live longer than males. (Go females!)
A sad fact about these animals, is that there are more than four different species of seals on the endangered species list.

One of the most endangered species is the Saimaa ringed seals.

If you would like to donate money to help save the Saimaa ringed seals from extinction please visit WWF where you can learn more about how to help these creatures.

I am always willing to email out any more info on how to help save endangered species so feel free to email me.