Why I love Mexico

There are four main reasons why I love Mexico, most of which were because of some great experiences as a child.
  1. The first is because the remains of the great Aztec and Mayan empire are still standing for all of humanity to embody.
  2. The second would have to be because most of my bloodline live in Mexico, with the life of our name reaching their small towns in a big way.
  3. The third reason why i love Mexico is because if their music and food. Both if these traits make me realize the life and joy my parents had when they were young.
  4. The last reason is because I enjoy the culture of many different ethnic backrounds that make up what is present day Mexico.

Here are some reasons that are interesting why you should look up the histotry of Mexico yourself.
  • Mexico is a big factor in the development of Many colonies that colonized during the sixteenth century
  • There are many relations with the U.S. and Mexico
  • The level of diversity in Mexico does not just spand between just indeginous and Spanish blood

    Here is a link to the History of Mexico, so one can get a better understanding of my culture History of Mexico.