Definition of Chummy

Some Facts about Deyci

  • She's a Capricorn
  • She loves the ocean
  • She has a dog named Yellow
  • She went to Miami this summer
  • She wants to be a Senator
  • She loves to cook & bake
  • Her favorite is red
  • Reasons why she's my best friend

    1. Her sense of humor is the best!
    2. Always buys me chocolate or hot chips to make me feel better
    3. She's very creative
    4. She sends me memes
    5. She had the patience to teach me how to cook
    6. She always says "everything is going to be okie" when I'm freaking out
    7. Before she begins to drive, she always makes sure everyone has their seatbelts on
    8. ALWAYS down for spontaneous trips which usually push me out of my comfort zone
    9. Her laugh is contiagous
    10. She is down to earth and never forgets where she comes from