Sup doe, my name is Justin Japitana

Fun fact about me: I'm not a racist.

If you want to email me some shit: Hit my hotline bling

Check out my facebook bruh. I don't add strangies.

I'm 6'4 and you know what that means... I have a very big sense of humor. Ya boy definitely fucks with puns too. You like food puns? Sorry I got naan. Mwaha, I'm hella BOLD.

Here's a pic of me hitting my ex-roommate in the balls with an aluminum bat.

Drunk" We don't live together anymore because:
  1. He moved with some of his friends from his fraternity.
  2. He's a backstabbing punk-ass bitch who leaves his true friends.
  3. Did I mention he's a bitch?
  4. Since I hit him in the balls, everything went downhill.