Favorites from UCSC

Waiting to see Zizek - SF - 2015

Jimmy Zamora
Philosophy Major/ History of Consciousness Minor (soon)

##This is weird but if we met on the bus on campus today (7-22) and talked about phil, we departed without exchanging contact info. Drop me an email at jizamora@ucsc.edu##

Aesthetics - Samantha Matherne
Kant - Critique of Judgement (excerpts) The Four Moments of Taste as well as The Deduction of Taste
Heidegger - Poetry, Language and Thought (excerpt) "The Origin of the Work of Art"

"Heidegger believes that the aestheticization of art has gotten us late moderns stuck in the rarefied and abstract view according to which "the enjoyment of art serves [primarily] to satisfy the refined taste of connoisseurs and aesthetes." Hence his amusing but harsh judgment that: "For us today, …art belongs in the domain of the pastry chef" (IM 140/GA40 140). That our culture blithely celebrates café baristas who compete over the "art" of pouring foamed milk into our cappuccinos suggests that we have lost sight of the role art can play in shaping history at the deepest level, an ontologically revolutionary role compared to which Heidegger finds the "artful" gestures of culinary expertise rather empty."
- Stanford entry on Heidegger's Aesthetics ;)

History of Consciousness 80R "The Curves of the Needle": Sound and Difference - Jeramy DeCristo
Emmanual Kant - Judgement of Taste Excerpt
Michel Foucault - The Discourse of Nature (Order of Things Excerpt)
Sylvia Wynter - Unsettling Coloniality - Excerpt
Sylvia Wynter - Sambos and Minstrels
Stuart Hall - Encoding/Decoding

Epistemology - Jeantte Dinishak
Vinciane Despret - The Becomings of Subjectivity in Animal Worlds
Dale Jamieson - Science, Knowledge and Animal Minds

Political Science 118 - Topics in Contemporary Political and Critical Theory: Utopia and Dystopia - Andrew Wood
Murray Bookchin - Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm
Peter Kropotkin - Intro and Conclusion of Mutual Aid
Stuart Hall - Identity and Diaspora
Adorno and Horkheimer - The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception (From Dialectic of Enlightenment)
Louis Althusser - Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses
Herbert Marcuse - One-Dimensional Man Conclusion