The above links are projects I completed in my Film 170A course.

The class descriptions for the projects are found on the home page.


About This Page

This web page is part of the ongoing projects in my Film 170A course. This site will be updated from time to time when new projects are completed and uploaded here.

Completed Projects

Below is a list and description of each of the completed projects in Film 170A so far. All links to the actual projects are included in the sidebar.

Project 1 - Processing

I had to use Processing to construct a composition that incorporated at least 5 shapes and also had to consider using a series of timers in the draw loop with variables attached to conditionals to animate the motion of multiple shapes.

Project 2 - Web Page

This web page right here. I had to set up a basic website on people.ucsc.edu/~jibeaver using multiple interlinked pages and upload the page using an FTP program.

Project 3 - Scratch Game

I made a game using Scratch. My game essentially is Nyan Cat Ping Pong.

Project 6 - Recursion

I had to create something that incorporated some element of recursion and feedback into a media project that changes over time. I tried a few things in Processing to no avail, but experimented a bit in BlokDust and came up with this piece I like to call "Submarine."