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Hello there whoever is seeing this webpage get ready to witness the obsession that Juan has with the passion of soccer. By the time you are done reading this you will walk out with a bit of knowledge of one of the clubs he loves the most

"What you are looking at right now is the worlds best player in the world in my opinion although I like Ronaldo As well"

" In this picture you will see the best trio in the squad."

The List of my favorite players in the Barcelona Squad:

  1. Messi
  2. Suarez
  3. Neymar
  4. Iniesta
  5. Pique

As you may have noticed as you continue on with the page but you see that i am quite obsessed with these players because i look up to these players a lot and try to do recreate what they do on the pitch

Here are some things you should know more about FC Barcelona:

  • The club was founded in the year 1899
  • They play at the Camp Nou which holds about 99,000 fans
  • Head Coach is Luis Enrique
  • First Division Team
  • They also have different sports besides soccer such as Basketball, Handball, Rugby, etc...
  • Their motto is "Mes que un club"
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