CMPE 3: Personal Computers

Professor: Gerald Moulds


Bio & Avatars


  • Welcome! My name is James Geri and I am currently a sophomore attending the University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • I am majoring in Business Management Economics. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and decided to move to Santa Cruz because I simply love the area.
  • My goal for taking this class is to gain the necessary knowledge to create my own website and to gain additional knowledge on how computers affects aspects of our lives.
  • The picture to the left is a close up photograph of myself. I took this photograph because I wanted something that would show myself in formal attire that could be representable in any business setting.The poorly cropped in faces in the picture to the far right was something I created with the use of photoshop. The two other faces in the picture are my good friends and we all play on the same basketball team which was the reason for creating this photo.
  • The two pictures below are South Park Avatars which I designed with the help of South Park Studios The avatars were created to look like me, show my style of clothing, and depict my emotions.