they're gonna live until they die - jhin, 2016

Our performance begins.

This is Jhin, a champion from the League of Legends.

Feel free to watch this video to understand how this champion works in the game.

(Viewer discretion is advised)

My League of Legends Profile

Top Five Mastered Champions

  1. Jhin : 130,036 Mastery Points / Level 7
  2. Lucian : 118,374 Mastery Points / Level 7
  3. Twitch : 93,830 Mastery Points / Level 7
  4. Caitlyn : 72,392 Mastery Points / Level 7
  5. Vayne : 64,036 Mastery Points / Level 6

If you would like to talk to me about anything concerning whether or not you're bad at League or would like to talk to me about Christianity and what Jesus Christ has in store for you, you can email me here.

Have a good day! (: