In Santa Cruz, Winter 2018.

I'm a second-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz.

Visit my virtual poster at CUNY 2020, "The processing of direct discourse: When a subordinate speech act sticks around."

My research interests lie primarily in the psychology of human language, in particular the nature and time-course of semantic and pragmatic interpretation, and the peculiarities of narrative. I also study the structure and processing of Nakh-Dagestanian languages spoken in the northeastern Caucasus, especially Udi.

I am a co-organizer of s/lab, the UC Santa Cruz Syntax, Semantics, and Language Processing Lab, with Stephanie Rich. I also assemble our department's weekly newsletter, What's Happening at Santa Cruz (WHASC).

Office hours for Winter 2020:
Monday, 10:40-11:40 AM, Stevenson 265