"You never imagine yourself as cat person until you get a cat" - Kimberly Saenz

My family cat, a Tuxedo cat, was inexplicably named after the Puerto Rican dish: Mofongo.


Mofongo, the cat, was found our alley as a small kitten. My sisters and I were immediately smittened and decided to take her in our house. My sister, Kimberly, decided to name her Mofongo because she had learned about the Puerto Rican dish and found that name amusing.
    Some things about Mofongo
  1. Her offical name is Mofongo Abba-Timothy Saenz
  2. She is a Tuxedo cat, which means her paws and stomach area is white and the rest of her fur is black
  3. She really likes the Crab Friskies but is not a fan of the Salmon Friskies
  4. She is extremely vocal for a cat and does not enjoy the company of other cats
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