The Official Webpage of Water Pong Champions.

This is an exclusive webpage only for those of true skill.

I present the sport in which this webpage is based:

If you want to ensure a perfect game of water pong:

  • Fill ten cups on each side with water
  • Find a partner who matches your skill well
  • Focus on making at least one cup to avoid embarrassment
  • Find your own style of shooting the ball so that it does not mimick others
  • Try your hardest to win and become the champion of the table

    Also there are some rules that I like to live by so that the game still remains fun.

    1. Be kind and accepting to those who have not particpated in this sport before
    2. Do not be discouraged if you do not make the first cup, be positive
    3. Be nice to your opponents but by no means should you go easy on them
    4. Remember that this is just a game and should NOT be taken seriously
    Here are the official rules of the water pong game. For any further information you may contact me at my email here.

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