The Abomey Plateau
Archaeological Project
This website is devoted to disseminating information about the Abomey Plateau Archaeological Project, an archaeological research project in the Republic of Benin, West Africa which is co-sponsored by the University of California, Santa Cruz, the Université d’Abomey-Calavi, the Direction du Patrimoine Culturel, Bénin, and UCLA.  Under the direction of J. Cameron Monroe (UCSC), the Abomey Plateau Archaeological Project has explored the dynamics of political and economic transformation in slave trade era West Africa since 2000.  Adopting a landscape approach to this issue, regional survey and excavation has focused on understanding the long-term history of the pre-colonial Kingdom of Dahomey, example of a West African centralized state par excellence and one of principle African partners in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
We are strongly committed to student education and public outreach.  If you are interested in participating on an archaeological project in one of the most historically and culturally rich areas of Africa, please visit the UCLA Field Programs website for further information.  Help support students to participate on this project by purchasing field gear at All proceeds go to student scholarships.
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Images: Walls of a royal palace site at Cana, Benin (left), pottery for sale at Abomey (center top), clay tobacco pipes excavated from royal palace site at Cana (center bottom), subterranean multi-chambered structure near Cana (right).