My life is composed of music and Chipotle

Hi, I'm Justin. Nap enthusiast.

I am enamored with the thought of E-Sports Gaming. One of the games currently growing is called League of Legends.

CLG is not the best professional league team, but they're my favorite.

I like CLG because:

Not only am I a big fan of E-Sports

I'm also a big fan of basketball

CLICK THIS vvvv!!!!!
HELLO THERE!!!!!!!!!
Here's a video of Steph Curry destroying his opposition

Here's why the Warriors are so good:

  1. The team meshes well together
  2. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the known as the 'Splash Bros' because of their undisputed ability to sink the seemingly impossible threes
  3. A good coach and a great support staff

If you have similar interests, you can reach me at:jche128@ucsc