Welcome to a Journey towards Happiness

Aspen was born November 20th 2011, he was a beautiful white pitbull, the best of his breed. Aspen was rescued from a farm raid by police in Morgan Hill, California that was reported for animal cruerlty. It took seconds to bond with this beautiful creature I would soon call my best friend. Aspen battled hard againts cancer for the past two years and eventually lost his battle this july 2019. Aspen's footprints all all over Marina, California and at the hiking trials in Fort Ord, California. Aspen's footprints are also forever our hearts. He was given a second chance, and changed me and my family's life.

Make a difference and adopt! not just a pitbull, but an animal in need. Every year about 1.5 Animals(cats and dogs) are euthanized in the United States alone! Make a difference, adopt today!!

Adopting will:

  1. Save animals in need!
  2. Low Euthanasia!
  3. Give a 2nd chance!
  4. Be affordable!
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