CMPE 3 Page

Hello, My name is Juan. Welcome!

Here are some small facts about me

1. I was born on the year of the dog and am also a Scorpio
2. I have a little addiction to lemon/limes.
3. I have always wanted to go skydiving

Here are a few of the things that I find Interesting.

  • Chicken (Especially if they dance)
  • Wolves in the darkness of the night
  • Music because it calms the world

    dancing chicken photo: dancing chicken dancing_chicken.gif ontariostargazing svprojectmanagement

    crazy loving girlfriend photo Photoon2013-10-27at1338.jpg

    Heres the crazy loving Girlfriend who stole my animation

    I'm assuming that by now you guys are bored from reading/looking/skimming this page so here's a link to something funny Click to see

    You can email me at juancalzada61

    Or if you want to be rad, you can click this link and see some cool java. Click: HI THERE too see
     photo Pandas-1.gif