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My Daughter & ME!

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Favorite Moments i Have had with HER:

  1. the day i went to pick her up and meet her for the very first time
  2. waking up to her sleeping under the next to my tummy
  3. coming back home and seeing her get excited to see me
  4. taking her out to the beach
  5. and just spending quality time with her

    My Bestfriend since the day i was born,my PARTNER in CRIME, my COUSIN!
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    Things that i am proud of my cousin for:

    • being the man he is today
    • being independent
    • being strong for himself
    • being strong for his family
    • Graduating highschool and siting next to me during Graduation
    • being the only person who can possibly know the struggles i go through
    • being himself and not someone else
    • being my best friend since i was born
    • being my partner in crime
    • snapchatting me every once and a while :)
    • and most importantly, not forgeting about me,

      even if were hundreds of miles away from eachother living our own lives.

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