Angelina Hool and Jarrett Mao
ahool@ucsc.edu   jasmao@ucsc.edu
CSE 160
Prof. Alex Pang
Program 5
June 6, 2021

Project Title: Shrinking Mallet

A singular mallet created capable of changing n sides depending on scroller. The cylinders that make up the mallet shrink and expand based on the sine and cosine wave. Arrows keys pans and tilts the camera. You can use mouse to drag and rotate the angle from which you view the mallet. You can also zoom in and out with the mouse. There is a wireframe view otion. An orthographic and perspective view option. Lighting has both directional and a point light which can be rotated via scroller that controls x y and z. We decided to recreate what we were able to do in prog 4 with webgl, but this time with three.js.

Op Ed (Angelina & Jarrett):

We did not feel adequately prepared for any of the quizzes. Despite, attending lecture most days we did not feel it was useful to attend lecture. It was more helpful to attend Lucas's section to learn information than the normal lecture. It also never felt like we had enough help from the professor on Piazza. It was very difficult to learn how to draw the cylinders and the professir did not properly teach us how to figure out how to calculate the arrays. The assignments were often too vague and the instructions unclear.

Prog5 Video

Link to Project