Lunar Electromagnetic Core-Mantle Coupling

Some mechanisms to power the early Moon's staggeringly strong magnetic field (see here for more) involve the mantle stirring the core as they rotate around different axes (see Dwyer et al. (2011) and Le Bars et al. (2011)). Differential motion between the lunar core and a (moderately conductive) mantle mean that if the core possesses a dynamo, the core and the mantle have the potential to interact with eachother magnetically. I explored whether this coupling could be important for the lunar dynamo. I found that unless the lunar mantle has an extremely exotic composition, the torques between the core and the mantle are too small to be important. I presented this work at the Core of the Moon workshop in Marseille, France, and I may try writing it up eventually as a warning to other people to avoid this particular rabbit hole.