My name is Jake Preston. I'm an aspiring web designer and a computer science game design major at UC Santa Cruz.

Right now, I'm mostly interested in web design, machine learning, and using games as a medium for storytelling.

When I'm not fiddling around with projects, one of things I enjoy most is being out in nature to clear my head and explore the unfamiliar. I like finding new places to go hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking.

Contact: jalprest@ucsc.edu

Hike from Sutro Baths to the Golden Gate Bridge

Some friends and I hiked from the Sutro baths in San Francisco along Lands End trail and Baker Beach to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I've never been to the Sutro Baths so it was pretty cool to explore the area and climb the ruins. From Point Lobos and on, there was never a dull view. A striking panorama of the Pacific Ocean and Californian shoreline followed us along this 3.8 mile hike. Along Lands End trail, there were many steep side paths to explore that reached down to the shore. At Baker Beach, we ate our lunch on top of the old battery guns. And after playing a little baseball we eventually reached the Golden Gate Bridge, swarming with people as usual. Since I parked my car at the Sutro baths the hike was only halfway over. We walked back around dusk, watching a nice sunset over the Pacific as darkness enveloped the rest of the walk. Overall, nice hike!

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