Hasya's fanpage

The Cutest Pug Who Ever Lived

This is Hasya, she is a beautiful lady who snores very loud but gives so much love!

Pugs were highly prized by Chinese Emperors. They were kept in Luxury and guarded by soldiers.

Pugs like Hasya were the basis for the design of the iconic Chinese lion statues as seen here....

Hasya's favorite hobbies include...

To take good care of pugs you need to..

  1. take them on short walks at the same time every day
  2. give them A LOT of attention
  3. feed them the correct amount for their healthy weight
  4. clean all their little wrinkles regularly
  5. and take them to the vet regularly
Even though I may look sad, I am a very happy doggie!

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For more information about Pugs visit... dog time website