Adopting a Friend For Life


You CAN Buy Happiness

Adopting an animal is much more than just getting a pet, it getting a lifelong friend who will be there whenever they're needed! Animals can help relive stress, fear, and anxiety. Animals do more than teach you about responsibility, they teach you the meaning of true friendship and what its like to love unconditionally and have it reciprocated. You'll not only be saving him, but you'll be saving yourself, as its proven that animals help with your mental and emotional health. The only detriment to adopting is having to pick just one! By adopting you can become a hero, you may not need him, but he needs you.

Why adoption is the better choice

  1. They're already trained! saves you money on carpet cleaning saves you money on carpet cleaning
  2. You'll save cash! More money for toys

How to adopt:

Here are more reasons to adopt here.
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