Izabella Zatorski

Aspiring Human Resources Professional

Passionate about optimizing human potential in all walks of life.

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As you may have discovered by now, I don't have facebook, instagram, or twitter account. Others may say that by doing so, I'm disconnected from our society. On the contrary, I feel no less disconnected than when I was active of social media. I believe as though i'm more in tune with reality. I have more time allocated to achieving goals, and self care which in turn allow for stress reduction and an increase in life satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact me to get to know me more!

  1. Hiking
  2. Reading
  3. Learning new skills
  4. Traveling
  1. Getting things done too quickly
  2. Limited experience in HR roles
  3. Advanced mathematics
  4. Overworking myself

Short Bio

Izabella Zatorski is currently an Undergraduate Psychology
student at University of California, Santa Cruz. Along with her
full-time studies, she's a food server at The Lexington House
in Downtown Los Gatos. Others describe her as an organized individual
who loves to learn. Her projected graduation date is March 22nd, 2019
and is actively searching for opportunities to gain experience in
the realm of Human Resources. She's passionate about optimizing human
potential in the workplace and envisions a future in which technology
companies are able to achieve maximum efficiency while providing optimal
work environments for their employees.


B.A., Psychology
University of California, Santa Cruz
Fall 2017 - March 2019

A.A., Behavioral & Social Science
De Anza College, Cupertino
Summer 2014 - Spring 2017


Izabella Zatorski
Email: zatorskiizabella@gmail.com