My name is Isela and I Hate Sweets

A fun fact about me is that I hate sweets.

(See, as pretty as this might be, the thought of ever having to eat such a thing makes me want to cry. Sweets are gross.)

>Other examples of sweet atrocities include:

  • chocolate
  • cake
  • brownies
  • Some things that prove sweets are gross and bad:

    1. it's gross
    2. like, sooo gross

    3. it's just common sense there's your proof and i said so hence it's right

    Are you too an avid hater of the sweets? If so, I think you should email me so we could discuss this horrendous subject together while eating actual good food, like fries.

    You can find me at: you find me at my email right over here 

    If not there, you can also find find me on tumblr  participating in anti-sweets discourse.