A companion website to The Motherhood Archives, The Worry Box Project is a participatory web-based archive of maternal anxieties based on the concept of a collective virtual worry box: visitors to the website select one of two categories (“anxiety dreams” and “waking anxieties" ond anonymously submit a written worry; they are also able to view the anxieties and dreams of other women. Over the duration of the active phase of this project (which is ongoing until the box is full), I transcribe by hand each submission and place each transcribed slip of paper into an actual physical box. The website is updated weekly with new worries (displayed as videos documenting the handwriting process for each worry) as well as an updated photograph of the worry box as it fills up with paper slips. Inspired by public spaces of collective yearning and embodied wishing rituals like the Wailing Wall and the Fontana di Trevi, I imagine this web-based project as a revision of these spaces of hopeful iteration: posited against a contemporary motherhood culture that has become relentlessly optimistic and positive (and very much at odds with the tremendous anxieties of modern parenting), the virtual Worry Box Project provides a safe collective space for women to express fears, worries, and negative feelings about motherhood, generating a communal articulation of anxiety.