Welcome to my (100% MEME FREE) Webpage

I lied about the memes. Life is a meme. Not even the sweet release of death is enough to free you from the memetic shackles around your existence. HI THERE

These are my headphones.

A few great things about me though:
  1. My PC is probably better than yours (100+ FPS Crysis 3 MAXED #2EZ4ME #2FAST2FURIOUS #SQUAD)
  2. I discovered memes some time in 2007 or 2008 and I owe my existence to them
  3. Memes ruined my life around 2011 when I began injecting them
  4. Don't do memes
  5. Date me tho??????
Now that you know I have patrician-tier headphones, you can trust my taste in music. This tape is definitely worth your time. It's pure <fire emoji>, check it out.
Plz 2 send ur dope A E S T H E T I C cloud rap tracks and date requests here.
(Certified qt3.14's only please. Preferably clingy and with low self-esteem, but with a bangin' body and won't make me throw out my fedora collection or my dakimakura (anime body pillow for you baka gaijin)).

My entire life is one that revolves around correcting all my mistakes while dancing around the fact that the biggest mistake in my life is me.