This is a step by step guide on one way to tie a tie

Follow the steps and don't skip any!

This is how to tie a Windsor Knot.

  1. Take your tie and place it around the collar of your shirt. Make sure that the broad end of your tie is extending towards the left side.
  2. The broad end should be a minimum of 12 inches beneath the narrow end on the right.
  3. Cross the broad end over its narrow end.
  4. Within the loop which you have just created, bring the broad end over it.
  5. Bring the broad end back to your right side and then pull the thing down.
  6. Pull the broad end that is from the slim end and bring the tie with the loop to your left once again.
  7. Pull the broad end over the front coming from the left to the right.
  8. Pull over the broad end through its loop.
  9. The broad end needs to bring down through its knot after it.
  10. Once you have pulled its knot up, your Windsor knot will be complete.

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