CfAO Educational Activities:

Various classroom activities I have helped to design, and professional development workshops I have attended.

Fourier Optics Lab

With teammates Sylvana Yelda and Tuan Do I led a redesign of the Fourier Optics Lab for the CfAO Adaptive Optics Summer School. The Fourier Optics Lab is a three-hour laboratory activity to acquaint participants with some of the fundamental qualitative principles of wave optics. The lab also gives practical hands-on experience with simple optical systems. To expose each group to a greater number of phenomena relating to Fourier Optics, each group also has several opportunities to discuss their observations and challenges with other participants.

You can download the entire lesson plan and adapt it to your own use (11 MB PDF).

Digital Images Inquiry

With teammates Katie Morzinski and Chris Crockett I designed an inquiry-based learning activity focusing on Digital Images for the Maui Community College Inst rumentation course in Fall 2008.

You can download the entire lesson plan and adapt it to your own use (8 MB PDF).

CfAO Professional Development Program

"Participants work on a design team during and after the workshop, continue developing skills through mini-workshops and expert consultation, and put their new teaching skills into practice. The practical teaching experience takes place in "teaching labs" -- CfAO-affiliated educational programs or courses. PDP participants leave the program as highly trained, innovative, and reflective scientist/engineer educators." -- CfAO PDP Website

Previous courses

Astronomy 180: Practical Observing

Astronomy 82: Stellar Evolution, Galaxies, and Cosmology

Astronomy 6: Cosmology: Our changing concepts of the universe

I was the Teaching Assistant for this course, which was taught by Prof. Ned Wright in Winter 2008. I led weekly discussion sections and three two-hour exam review sessions. On the whole, standard physical science problem-solving was eschewed in favor of more conceptual discussions of the course material. In addition, I regularly distributed handouts describing recent discoveries and advances in cosmology, and we discussed their significance and relevance to the course.

Discussion Syllabus

Astronomy 3: Astronomy Lab for Non-science Majors

I helped update the course materials for this lab, and served as TA for two quarters. (Course materials website)