Isabella McCormick

My Favorite Things

  • Baseball
  • Math
  • The Office
  • Cats
  • Movies

    My Favorite Baseball Teams

    1. Red Sox
    2. Brewers
    3. Giants
    4. Rockies
    5. Cubs

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      Fun Fact: The Color of the background was taken from a picture of The Green Monster at Fenway Park

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      How I Got into Baseball

      My family and I have all kind of always been able to get in any sport that was put on. I have had a basketball stage, a football stage, and am now in my baseball stage. I have always rooted for the Giants because I root for bay area teams in general, even through I'm from Los Angeles because both my parents have connections to the Bay Area. Midway through the 2016 season however I caught a couple Red Sox games that were on TV and started to really like some of their players. I continued to like them more and more and went from watching only a couple games in 2016 to watching almost every game in 2018 and 2019. I even got to go to all 3 Red Sox vs Angels games this year. Although the Red Sox are my favorite team I do often watch other games and pay attention to a lot of players on other teams. As I started to watch more and more games and learn more players names I started to like baseball even more and now baseball season is by far my favorite time of year.

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