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Updated: November 2017

General Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Dr. Michael M. Hutchison is Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Hutchison is Executive Editor of the Journal of Asian Economies and on the editorial boards of Journal of International Money and Finance and Japan and the World Economy. He served as Economics Department Chair (2001-2003) and Dean of the Division of Social Sciences (2003-2006).


Dr. Hutchison is also a principal of the firm California International Economic Consultants where he consults with private business and public agencies in the areas of finance, statistics and forecasting. His firm focuses on providing modern technical analysis to management, especially in the financial sector and credit card industry. His clients include large private sector firms, central banks and international institutions. Contact for further information.


Dr. Hutchison's research centers on topics related to international finance and open economy macroeconomics, including exchange rate regimes, international banking and financial systems, Japanese monetary and financial policies, and the European sovereign debt crisis. His most recent work is on the costs of financial crises, the effectiveness of international capital controls, the role of fiscal rules in stabilizing public finances and the business cycle, monetary policy in India and China, and official foreign exchange market intervention. He has published widely in academic journals and other venues. His published books include Japan's Great Stagnation: Financial and Monetary Policy Lessons for Advanced Industrial Countries, MIT Press, 2006 (with F. Westermann); Financial Policy and Central Banking in Japan, MIT Press 2001 (with T. Cargill and T. Ito); The Political Economy of Japanese Monetary Policy; MIT Press, 1997 (with T. Cargill and T. Ito); Fiscal Aspects of European Monetary Integration; Cambridge University Press, 1998; with S. Jensen and A. Hughes-Hallett.

Hutchison joined the UC Santa Cruz faculty in 1985. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Oregon in 1983, and previously worked as Head of Section in the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements in Basle , Switzerland (1989-91) and as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (1983-85). His visiting appointments have included: Copenhagen Business School (1995-96), Reserve Bank of New Zealand (1994-95), Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies at the Bank of Japan (1993-94), Hong Kong Monetary Authority (2007), International Monetary Fund (2007), the University of Gothenburg (1994), and the University of California at Berkeley (1985).

Dr. Hutchison may be contacted at:

Department of Economics, E2
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064 USA
Phone: (831) 459-2600



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Selected Working Papers, Forthcoming Publications and Recent Publications (2010-17)

European policy and markets: Did policy initiatives stem the sovereign debt crisis in the Euro Area? with M. Bergman and S. Jensen. October 2017.

Are Credit Rating Agencies Discredited? Measuring Market Price E ects from Agency Sovereign Debt Announcements with M. Binici and E. Miao. October 2017.

Do Credit Rating Agencies Provide Valuable Information in Market Evaluation of Sovereign Default Risk with M. Binici. February 2017. Working Paper.

Fiscal Rules and Business Cycles in Emerging and Developing Economies. with M. Bergman. June 2016. Working Paper.

“Promoting sustainable public finances in the European Union: The role of fiscal rules and government efficiency” with M. Bergman and S. Jensen in European Journal of Political Economy 44 (2016) 1–19.

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International Finance/Open Economy Macroeconomics‑ undergraduate and graduate

International Financial Markets- graduate

International Corporate Finance- graduate

Macroeconomics- undergraduate and graduate

Money and Banking- undergraduate

Forecasting ‑ undergraduate

Japanese Economy- undergraduate

European Monetary Union- graduate