Infinite Member Profiles

Infinite (인피니트) is a South Korean boy band that consists of 7 members. The band debuted on June 9 2010, under Woollim Entertainment.

Fandom Name: Inspirit

Fandom Color: Pearl Metal Gold

Official Twitter: official_ifnt


Facts about the band:
Member Profiles

  1. Hoya
    Real Name: Lee Howon
    Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    Fun Fact: His favorite color is purple and he is not afraid to show it. He's known for owning almost every purple accessory known.
  2. Sungyeol
    Real Name: Lee Sungyeol
    Position: Vocalist
    Fun Fact: One of the first Infinite members to start acting, and gained a lot of popularity through webdrama called "Please Remember, Princess".
  3. Sungjong
    Real Name: Lee Sungjong
    Position: Vocalist
    Fun Fact: He's the most known for his volunteerwork, and constantly donates to various causes throughout the year.
  4. Sunggyu
    Real Name: Kim Sunggyu
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
    Fun Fact: He's struggled with mental illness and has always encouraged fans to take care of their mental health, reach out for help and wants his music to help them through any tough times.
  5. L
    Real Name: Kim Myungsoo
    Position: Vocalist, Visual
    Fun Fact: Has published his own photography book, and has a line of phone cases where all profits go towards local animal shelters in Seoul, South Korea.
  6. Dongwoo
    Real Name: Jang Dongwoo
    Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Fun Fact: Called the Happy Virus of the group, he's known for always having a smile and taking care of his fans and members.
  7. Woohyun
    Real Name: Nam Woohyun
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Fun Fact: Nicknamed "Namgrease" for his cheesy pick up lines, heart "throwing" and warm but sappy personality among fans.

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