Hatim Madkhali

PhD Student at UCSC.

College of Computer Science and Engineering

Research Area, Computer Networking

hmadkhal@ucsc.edu      +1 (424)- 393 - 8443

Learn about what I do

Here's what I do.

I am an international PhD Student at Univirsity of California Santa Cruz.

My research area is Computer Networking

PhD Degree

I am pursuing my PhD at UCSC in Computer Science

What I have done

Here’s some of what I have done!.

I've done my bachalor and mater's degree both in computer science -:)

Master's Degree

I earned my Mater's degree at Kentucky State University .. in 2017.
For my thesis, I developed an eye tracking system to help disabled people control their computer using only thier eyes

I have done some research papers, but I have never publish any of them.
Here are some of these papers:

2015. Romance Scammers in Dating Apps and Websites find it here

2017. Eye_Tracking_system for Disabled People find it here

Here are some of my favirote papers:

L - Lane Message Authentication Code Using Three Hop Routing Protocol in Ad hoc Network

Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching for Local Computer Networks

NDN simulator for NS-3

Intelligent Car Control for a Smart Car