Piano Music is My Escape!

Have you heard about "Anime Music"?

I believe at least you heard about the term "Anime" right?
It usually refers to the cartoon animation made by Japan which also being a significant part of Japan's culture.

Anime Musics are the soundtracks that are use in the anime.
Every anime music expresses a certain emotion that you can feel it and have an idea of what kind of the story behind the anime by just listening to the notes.

Without being said ,take a look at this video which is originally an anime music that has been arrange by piano and see if you can tell the emotion of this piece
Artist: Animenzz (I watched one his live performance in China, it was AWESOME!!)
The song is call Unravel from the anime Tokyo Ghoul which is sing by TK from Ling Toshite Sigure in EXTREMELY high keys

What do they use the anime music for?

What so special about anime music than the others?

  1. Each anime music has its story to back it up. When I listen to the piece, it reminds me the anime and the plots.
  2. Anime musics are usually more emotional(or easier to feel touched?) than general music.
Let me know if you would like to share you opinions on anime or anime music! I am always open for any email!
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