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About Me

My name is Henry Pan. I am a Computer Science undergraduate at University of California, Santa Cruz.

My hobbies include:

  1. Playing games.
  2. Making games.
So, basically, I'm a game developer. Why am I not a Game Design major?
That's because I'm doing this as a hobby.
What do I do in Game Development? Essentially, every aspect of a game.

Dreamshot Dissonance (2014)

Here's a game I made in my first year, in CMPS 80K. It's a bullet hell game, called Dreamshot Dissonance.

Download Links:

Gate of Providence

My current project and my biggest undertaking yet. Gate of Providence is a turn-based RPG developed by my team, Constellation Softworks.
Started over a year ago, and over 2100 hours in development.

Download Links:

Take a listen to my compositions on my Soundcloud!

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