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Learn to Dab
  1. Lift your arms out to your sides. Raise up both of your arms so they are going straight out from your shoulders. Then, bend one arm in towards your body, as if you are preparing to sneeze into your hand. Keep the other arm straight.
  2. Tuck your head down. Next tuck your forehead down towards the arm that is bent and touch your forehead to your elbow area as if you are sneezing into your sleeve or dabbing sweat off of your brow. Keep the other arm straight. Straighten out your arm after you dab your forehead on it.
  3. Bang your head into your elbow. After you bring your head in towards your elbow, you can do a quick head bang motion (or two) before you straighten out your arm and switch sides.Just quickly jolt your head forward towards your elbow. Head banging is generally considered safe, but keep in mind that is can cause injuries if you do it too hard.[6] You can always skip the head bang motion if you have concerns.

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