"Staying with the Trouble: Becoming Worldly with Companion Species"
Cultural Studies, November 2010

Donna's presentation was recorded for Cultural Studies by Meredith Drum. Since Cultural Studies won't be able to post it to their website for several weeks, they kindly let me post streaming MP3 files of the presentation and Donna's PowerPoint slides here in the meantime. -- Rusten

Streaming Audio Files

Lecture Description: What does it mean to inherit the histories of companion species on a blasted earth where getting on together is still the task? "Staying with the Trouble" works through ontological, ethical, and ecological knots in multispecies contact zones, where human exceptionalism gives way to the "open" of companion species.

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Introduction by Hunter Bivens

Welcome and introduction from the acting head of Cultural Studies.

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Donna's Introduction

This part of the talk was before Donna started the slideshow.

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The Slide Show

This is the part of the lecture accompanying the slideshow ... though a technical glitch forced Donna to expand her intro before the slides started.

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There was no microphone for the audience, so the sound levels vary with how far back in the audience the questioner sat. This segment cuts off in the middle of a question from Jim Clifford.

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PowerPoint Slide Show

View Donna's slide show as a gallery of images.


Downloadable MP3 Files

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