I'm Haley


Please email me at

"All Roads lead to Rome"- My Father

Born and Raised in Palos Verdes, California

About Me

  • I am a Marine Biology major
    at UC Santa Cruz.

  • My dream is to be a science teacher.

  • I lived in Hawai'i for a year.

  • UCSC is so amazing I'm staying
    after graduation!

Hey you! Yes you....

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What is Haley's Favorite Animal?

Its an Orca!

Just a few reasons why Orcas are the coolest animals:

  1. Orcas are called Killer Whales.

  2. Orcas are actually dolphins!

  3. Orcas live in pods.

Check out this link here
to learn more about orcas

Did Somebody Say Banana Slug?

UC Santa Cruz is home to the banana slug!

This cute little yellow slug
loves the raining seasons here

Our redwood forests here on campus
make a great habitat!