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Younger Lagoon Reserve is a 25 acre reserve of lagoon, beach, and coastal bluff located on the open coast near Monterey Bay at the western edge of the City of Santa Cruz, California.  Younger Lagoon is part of the University of California Natural Reserve System and is managed by the UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserve unit.

The reserve supports coastal-related research and educational activities including guided public access.

Younger Lagoon Reserve
Seasons Seasonal changes affect the life cycles of animals and plants at Younger Lagoon Reserve.

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Peregrine Falcons

Perergrine Falcon

The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group at the nearby Long Marine Lab releases young Peregrine Falcons into the area around Younger Lagoon each year.

Click here for more information about the Peregrine project, including a link to a Peregrine nest cam.


Move your cursor over this picture to see the arches collapse

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 1992, Docent staff awoke to a dramatic transforation on the beach at the mouth of Younger Lagoon. In the space of one night, a single storm had collapsed three rock arches and washed away the remains without a trace.

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