Hello It's Me

First, a few random facts about myself
  • I like to sing even though I pretty much suck
  • I'm traumatized of dogs, but yet I recently got one
  • I don't like crosswalk bumps
  • Food is my life
  • Cecilia is not my twin I swear go see for yourself

    Now to some more important stuff

    1. This is my attempt to try to do more with photography
    2. However my smart self can't find the charger for my camera
    3. I have like close to zero knowledge about my camera
    4. I took a quarter of photography and now I pretend I'm a photographer haha
    5. My pictures may suck but I'm a work in progress
    6. This is the only place people will be able to see my work and especially self portraits

    Collection No. 1 San Francisco

    San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

    Collection No. 2 Santa Cruz

    If you want me to take any pictures you can find me here hahah:

    Email Me: gpablosc@ucsc.edu

    Or better yet follow me on instagram