Welcome to Grace's page!

Hi, welcome to my portfolio! I'm Grace O'Hair-Sherman, a third year Computer Science and Linguistics double major at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I'm currently looking for an internship for next summer (Summer 2017).

Some projects I've worked on:

  • A group project for my Web Applications class
  • - A hash table for CMPS 101
    - Amino Ally, an iOS application I designed, coded, and shipped last summer (2015) at Make School Summer Academy
    - A game my friend and I made for the Merrill core course final project

    These are the classes I've taken so far:
    Computer Science: CMPS 130 Computational Models CMPS 183 Web Applications CMPS 104A Compiler Design CMPS 102 Analysis of Algorithms, CMPE 110 Computer Architecture, CMPS 101 Algorithms and Abstract Data Types, CMPE 12L Computer Systems and Assembly Language, CMPE 16 Discrete Math, CMPS 12B/M Introduction to Data Structures, CMPS 12A/L Accelerated Introduction to Programming

    Linguistics: LING 116 Syntax 2, LING 102 Phonology 2, LING 112 Syntax 1, LING 101 Phonology 1, LING 53 Semantics 1, LING 50 Introduction to Linguistics

    Other: MUSC 80Q Survey of African Music, ANTH 110A Contemporary Issues, PHYS 6C/N Electricity and Magnetism, PHYS 6A/L Mechanics, HAVC 170 Art of the Body in Oceania, MERR 80B Merrill core course, CMPE 8 Robot Automation