Assignment 2

You will create a personal web page using HTML (HyperText Markup Language), a standard markup language used to format web pages (it is not a programming language).

This assignment will be out of 1000 possible points.

Before You Start:

Required Items:

  1. Title (this is different than a heading) (50 points)
  2. Headings of two different sizes (ex. h1, h2, h3, etc.) (50 points each)
  3. Add a tooltip (or "hover box") to your first use of the h1 tag. (50 points)
  4. Colored background (other than white) (100 points)
  5. "Mailto" link to your email address (50 points)
  6. Hyperlink to another website (must use a URL, not a file path) (50 points)
  7. Bold text and italic text (50 points each)
  8. Centered text or photo(50 points)
  9. Horizontal line (aka "horizontal rule") (50 points)
  10. Ordered list (numbered list) and unordered list (bulleted list) (50 points each)
  11. A working picture, hosted online. You can link to an existing photo or upload your own image to photo-sharing sites like Google Photos or Make sure the photo is shared properly, and test your page on someone else's device to be certain. (100 points)
  12. Set the width and height of your photo. Recommend 450x600 for portrait layout, or 600x450 for landscape. If your source photo isn't 4:3 aspect ratio, this may look odd. (100 points)
  13. Add a comment at the very bottom of your source code, listing the tools you used to create this: operating system, text editor, and the web browser you used to test it. (100 points)

Extra Credit: Add a video to your page, using YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting service. Find a video, look for the "Share" option, and select "Embed" or "Link" to find a working video link. (100 points extra credit)

Final Step: Upload your index.html file to Canvas.

Addendum: Here's how to Embed an image from Google Photos into your website