Assignment 1

You will generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet showing your monthly financial budget.

This assignment will be out of 1000 possible points. Each item is worth 100 points.

Item #1: Have at least 8 columns.

At minimum, you must include one of the following:

  • For any pair of columns, the left column should say the type of bill/income (ex. Rent), and the right column should contain the value (ex. $600).

  • For the bills columns, one must be Monthly Bills. The others can be any of the following:
  • For the income column(s), it can be any of the following: Item #2: Have an area for Total Monthly Bills. Item #3: Have an area for Total Monthly Income. Item #4: Have an area showing how much money you have left over each month (Play Money). Item #5: Format your numbers as currency. Item #6: Use a font that is not default. Item #7: Italicize or bold some text.

    Item #8: Format some cells with borders.

    Item #9: One cell should have a different fill color. Item #10: The Play Money amount should be conditionally formatted. EXTRA CREDIT: Create a Fibonacci series generator (100 points extra credit). SUBMIT YOUR EXCEL SPREADSHEET named assignment1.xlsx (or assignment 1.ods if you use OpenOffice/LibreOffice) through the Assignments section of Canvas.

    Thank you to Dr. Chane Fullmer and Dr. Doanna Weissgerber for their authoring and contribution towards this (historic) assignment. Revised by Jeremy Baumgartner, Spring 2013.