Experiment Participation


About the studies





About the studies:

  • You can participate in one study.
  • During the study you will be played sound files and asked to categorize them, decide if pairs of sounds are the same or different, or some such task.
  • The study takes a maximum of one hour.
  • In order to participate see the instructions below; if you have any questions, email us at ucscphonlab[at symbol]gmail.com


To participate:


  • We are taking participants all quarter long. However, we only have certain times and days available and these slots may fill quickly towards the end of the quarter!
  • Please choose a time listed as "Available" on the calendar at the bottom of this page and email the person associated with that time slot.
  • If a time slot is empty or listed as "Unavailable" or "Busy", it means that no one is available to run you or someone has already been scheduled for that time.
  • Remember, if it says "Available" and has a name, that particular hour is available.
  • If there is no colored box at a given time, it means we are not around to do the study with you – don't choose these times!


  • Room 221 or 232 in Stevenson. Confirm the location with the person you are in contact with. These labs are on the second floor in the southwest corner of the building. If the door is closed, knock quietly. Please come at least 5min before your scheduled time; if you come late, we may not be able to accept you!


  • You must tell us you want to come in!!! Email us to schedule the appointment and await confirmation. If we don't confirm, then we don't know you’re coming and we might not be around.




Thank you for considering taking part in these studies!





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