Indecisive on Getting a Motorcycle?

Curious about purchasing a motorcycle? Well so am I so let us explore the pros and cons of owning one!


  • Can park in small spaces and parking a motorcycle is not difficult.
  • Will take up significantly less gas the average motorcycle hits around 35-40 mpg.
  • Great commuter and can potentially avoid traffic.
  • Easier to maintain than a car and less costly.
  • Insurance for a motorcycle is also less than a car. A motorcycle is around $200-$600 a year while the average insurance rate of a car is $1,502 a year.
  • Motorcycles are cheaper, a new Honda Rebel starts at $5,000 while the base Honda Civic costs $21,500.
  • You will look and feel awesome!


  • Additional expenses like gear.
  • Can potentially only have 2 passangers.
  • Can not carry much, one can get saddle bags but even so that has limited space.
  • Friends and family will want to learn to ride..
  • Will have to carry your gear where ever you go if you do not have saddel bags.
  • Safety, on a motorcycle the rider is very vulnerable and can have serious injuries if in an accident.
  • Invisibility, on the road many drivers in cars forget motorcycles exist and sometimes are unware motorcycles are on the road.

  • Heres a list of beginner bikes you can buy since we all know we're still gonna buy a one.

    1. Honda Rebel 300 $4,499
    2. Yamaha YZF-R3 $4,999
    3. Yamaha BOLT $7,999
    4. Harley-Davidson IRON 883 $8,999
    5. This is just a small list that I got from here. Feel free to do your own reserach to find the bike that best suits you!

      If you or any one you know is still unsure about buying a bike feel free to email me here and I would be happy to explain why its a must to own a bike.

      Hi There.